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Distant Yourselves From Pro-Hijab Groups, MEPs Told

CAPWOI has advised 70 pro-hijab MEPs to distant themselves from pro-hijab groups or else the right honourables may unknowingly be helping to Islamise Europe. >> Click here to read more…

Ditch scarf to be safe, says leader

In the wake of 7/7 London bombings the head of Muslim college in London, Dr. Zaki Badawi advices Muslim women and girls to stop wearing the hijab as to keep them safe and not molested as commanded in the Holy Quran. >>Click here to read more…

Employers Reject Women In Hijab

A unique survey has once again revealed the dilemma faced by Muslim women in hijab as many employers in Britain and Europe refuse to employ them. Many employers perceive Muslim women in hijab as extremists (terrorists), illiterates, non confident and lazy with attitude problems. Manchester Evening Newspaper-reports ‘Life Behind The Veil’ explains. >> Click here to read more…

Suicide Bomber Boasts: I’II Get 80 Virgins In Paradise

The London 27 July 2005 failed suicide bomber had boasted to his friends and spoke of looking forward to 80 virgin-wives waiting for him in paradise.  >> Click here to read more…

CAPWOI Join Calls For Hood (Burka) Ban in UK Shopping Centres

Barely 11 days before the infamous 7/7/05 London bombings CAPWOI had alerted the world of imminent terror attacks on Britain. The imminent danger alert message was contained in a CAPWOI newsletter dated 25/06/05 titled; “Hood (Burka) Ban In UK Shopping Centres” and circulated among over 4,000 British MPs, Euro MEPs, UN Reps, USA Congress and world media including Muslim organisations and the British Police Departments. >>Click here to read more…

CAPWOI Thanks Euro MPs For Rejecting Hijab At The EU

CAPWOI writes letters to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) thanking them individually for rejecting “Pro-Hijab Written Declaration” in May 21, 2005. “You have done the right thing at the right time to set free millions of European Muslim women and girls from the pains, terror, rejection and humiliation accentuated by the unduly prolonged cultures of hijab and burka (purdah).” So said CAPWOI Chief Coordinator. >> CLICK here to read more…

European Parliamentarians Reject Pro-Hijab Written Declaration

The CAPWOI’s internet-email-news letters circulated among over 4,000 British MPs, European MEPs, politicians and the world media have further encouraged over 90% of European parliamentarians to reject the ‘Pro-Hijab Written Declaration’ tabled before the EU by Assembly For The Protection Of Hijab ( between 21 February - 21 May 2005. As a result, pro-hijab organisations may never be able to reverse the ban on hijab in France and anywhere in Europe. “This is a monumental victory for the feminist Europe including proponents of total Muslim women’s freedoms in Europe and worldwide” Said, CAPWOI’s Chief Coordinator, Mr Taiwo Onalaja. 

Read the full CAPWOI declaration...

British Muslim Women Abandoned Hijab & Purdah (Burqa) For 11 Days

The worldwide circulated CAPWPOI’s February 2005 Media Release has encouraged a large population of British Muslim women and girls to abandon Hijab and purdah (burqa) for about 11days (between 17 February 2005 and 2 March 2005). Such that, designated CAPWOI members travelled from London to Birmingham, and from Manchester to Glasgow without sighting a single woman or girl donning the Hihab or purdah.

British Ban On Hijab, A must or Else… read the full article