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Campaign Against Polygamy and Women Oppression International CAPWOI is a non- profit organisation. Although, in most cases, and as to cut costs, we rely more on non-paid staff in executing our projects, yet CAPWOI is always in need of financial and moral support of benevolent people and establishments.

Over the years, we have come to realise that CAPWOI is the first and only functional anti-polygamy campaign of international repute that ever emerged from the continent of Africa, and perhaps the Middle East and S.E. Asia. This we reckon is as a result of the fact that as soon as anti-polygamy campaigns emerge anywhere in Africa and the most parts of the polygamous third world countries they soon fizzle out mainly because they could not receive necessary funding from the public. In consequence, the problem remains and the world suffers.

Again, we have found out that in the last decades polygamy has seemed non-abolishable in most polygamous third world countries mainly because, the forces that are perpetuating polygamy around the world are not only powerfully rich, but petrol dollar rich and cunningly influential.

We, therefore reckon that for CAPWOI to succeed in discouraging and ultimately be instrumental to the abolition of polygamy worldwide and in less than a decade, CAPWOI must be financially robust, impressively powerful, knowledgeable, persuasively convincing, pragmatically strategic, media-driven and politically influential.

To this end, we need your financial and moral assistance as to enable us further establish a formidable CAPWOI secretariat-network of global reach.

“The world needs CAPWOI and CAPWOI needs YOU to succeed.

Together we can save the world from the ‘jaws’ of  ‘polygamy pandemic’”

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A £50.00 ($100.00) donation will keep our work continuing for one day