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Is Polygamy Religious?

No. Why? Because:

  • No religion compels a man to have more than one wife at the same time.
  • No religion is against monogamy.
  • No religion claims to worship polygamy or makes polygamy one of the pillars on which it rests.
  • Being a polygamist does not make one a better believer.
  • Polygamy is evidently thousands and perhaps millions of years older than any known religion in the world today. In fact, polygamy has been in existence since that Adamic days (compare the Book of Genesis 4:19-24).
  • In other words, polygamy is more of personal choice than religion. And judging from the aforementioned facts, saying polygamy is religious is ridiculous, anti-social, bigotry, blasphemous and corruption of the truth. Suffice it to say that, polygamy is a web of lies and cover-ups aimed at coercing women including kid wives into indiscriminate and fast breeding of children population as converts for religion (biological evangelisation). By implication, polygamy has for decades remained an age long but less publicised impediment towards genuine realisation of sexual and religio-cultural equality among peoples and nations in the world today. (See CAPWOI Book for details).

drawing of polygamous family

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What is the View of Christian religion on Polygamy?

Christianity does not support polygamy of any kind. This is evident in the books of Genesis 2:24, Mark 10:6-8, Deuteronomy 17:17a and Exodus 20:14,17. In fact, the Holy Bible says emphatically in 1Timothy 3:2,12 that if a Christian takes additional wife he should not be allowed to be a leader or a minister of God, simply because he is not a good role model. 

Obviously, the Holy bible does tell stories of persons who had several wives at the same time but never glorifies their polygamous lifestyles. For instance, Lamek committed murder (compare Genesis 4:19-25), Abraham committed adultery (compare Genesis 16:4), King David committed murder (compare 2 Samuel 11:4-6), and King Solomon became an idolater/pagan (compare 1 Kings 11:1-6). In the case of Esau, who despised his birthright, also caused much grief to his parents by marrying two pagan wives (compare Genesis 26:34).

 The fact remains; most polygamists in the Holy Bible regretted their actions and paid dearly for their mistakes, and the effect the whole world is feeling today. This is where the Holy Bible makes us to understand that polygamy is all about adultery, paganism, based wickedness, murder, gross spiritual disobedience and grief. That could explain why the Holy Bible says in Leviticus 19:29, ‘Do not degrade your daughter by making her a prostitute, or the land will turn to prostitution (polygamy) and be filled with wickedness.’ Suffice it to conclude that, any Christian existing in polygamy is on his or her own and not because he or she is a Christian (See CAPWOI books for details).

Polygamy wrecks legal marrriage

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What is the View Of Islamic Religion On Polygamy?

‘Polygamy is not compulsory in Islam’ said Alhaji (Dr.) Lateef Adegbite, the Secretary General of The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), in his address on the 3rd of February 1998, in a one – day forum organised by the Women, Law and Development Centre (WLDCN), Lagos, Nigeria.

“If you fear lest you may not be perfectly equitable in treating more than one wife, then you shall be content with one” (Quran 4:3).

“You cannot be equitable in a polygamous relationship, no matter how hard you try” (Quran 4:129).

Dr. Adegbite concluded and said, ‘If Allah’s injunctions in Holy Quran 4:3 and 4:129 are properly interpreted, really enjoins only monogamy. Because a Muslim who takes multiple wives must ensure that he treats them equally which is humanly impossible.’ (Source: Volum2, Number 3, Gender Views: Newsletter of the Women, Law and Development Centre, Nigeria, May - August, 1998, Page 3).

And since most Muslim teachers surveyed on this subject totally support Dr. Lateef Adegbite’s claim, it is therefore suffice it to say that in theory Islam is not a polygamous religion. Any Muslim who takes several wives or a woman that accepts polygamy is on his or her own, and not because he or she is a Muslim. And since Islam did not invent polygamy or  that polygamy was present in Arabia before the Quran was revealed, connotes that polygamy is another four letter word ‘CULT’ (See CAPWOI books for details).

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Why Should Women Be Set Free From Polygamy?

Apart from the undisputable fact that polygamy means abandoning older women in favour of younger women or, that polygamy makes for the main sexual inequality between men and women, or that polygamy is synonymous with child brides, welfare fraud, subjugation, incest, isolation and deprivation, CAPWOI has overwhelming evidence to support the fact that polygamy oppresses women in 18 identified subcultures representing its pillars. Such subcultures as, female circumcision (a.k.a FGM), dowry system, forced marriage, honour killing, child marriage, purdah, marital rape, wife battery, sexual segregation, widowhood inheritance, etc, In consequence most women in world polygamous nations are perpetually rendered illiterates, unskilled, destitute and traumatised to the detriment of future security and happiness of women, children and societies around the world.

Therefore, world females  ‘must’ be set free from polygamy since women are the mothers of the nations. Women constitute the conscience of world societies. No nation grows above womanhood. A nation can never be truly free unless its own women are free from all forms of oppression accentuated by polygamy. The way to retard a nation’s growth is to educate men and neglect women. When you educate a man you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman you educate a nation. When you empower women, who are apparently the majority population in the world today, then, you will automatically accelerate the political, economic and social wheels of all nations. When you protect women against all forms of polygamy abuse you are protecting the world, and this will bring about a genuine peace and prosperity to the vast majority of over six billion population of the world. As a matter of course, any society or a people that oppresses its own women in polygamy is only destroying itself. Nigeria and most polygamous and poor third world countries are living examples. In other words, the extension of women’s rights is the basic principle of all social progress (See CAPWOI books for details).

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Can Polygamy curb prostitution & the spread of HIV/AIDS?

No. Why? Because;

  • A polygamist and patron of prostitutes (or male prostitute) share something in common; both men have more than one sex partner at the same time.
  • A polygamous wife and street prostitute have something in common: both women share their sex partners with other women at the same time.
  • Only responsible monogamists repudiate extramarital-sexual practices and not exposed to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • From the aforementioned analyses, it can then be said that polygamy is adultery or male prostitution. Polygamy is forced prostitution of wives. And since its unarguable that sexually transmitted infections spread fastest through multiple sex partners or prostitutes, suffice it to say that polygamy has never and can never curb but fuel prostitution and the spread of HIV/AIDS in a society (See CAPWOI books for details.)

A stressful polygamous family: 1+2 (or more) = HIV/AIDS

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Is Polygamy A Better Sexual Relationship Than Monogamy, Homosexuality And Prostitution?

No. Why? Because, of all known forms of sexual relationships, only polygamy oppresses the sexual partner (woman) and indiscriminately - fast breeds unmanageable children population in a society. In consequence, effective government funded family planning schemes and social security systems as to support non-resourceful citizens especially women and children are inconceivable in most polygamous nations around the world. Nigeria and indeed most other polygamous and poor third world countries are living examples (See CAPWOI books for details.)

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Can Polygamy Unite Islam And The West?

No. Why? Because, polygamy has for decades remained the main socio-religio-cultural inequality between Islam and The West. In the sense that while a large population of adult Muslims worldwide practice polygamy and believe in sexual inequality, most adult Westerners practice monogamy and strongly believe in sexual equality, democracy, probity, justice and the rule of law.

This unarguably glaring social inequality which polygamy is today has for decades distinctively divided Islam and the West. Such that, the war against terror the world is fighting today is a civilisation clash: One civilisation struggling to convert, conquer or eliminate the other. Apparently Islam has for decades struggled to ‘polygamise’ the West through religious conversion (biological evangelisation), and the West, too, has for decades struggled to ‘monogamise’ Islam through democracy. 

Suffice it to conclude that polygamy is evidently the root cause of suspicion, fear and hatred between a large population of world Muslims and vast majority of people in the West that still perceive Islam as a religion that supports polygamy, gross women’s rights abuse, religious intolerance, violence and terrorism.  The over a decade old reluctance of many European countries such as France and Germany to support Turkey’s  (an Islamic country’s) bid to join the European Union (EU) is a case in reference. The controversial Muslim headscarf ban in France in 2004 is another.  Not forgetting the infamous Serb's mass extermination of over 8,000 Muslims in the most horrific incident of ethnic cleansing in the Bosnian war of 1995 (source; Metro Newspaper, Manchester, August 3, 2001).

In fact, this said race-hate problem is still Europe-wide and hinges more on religious hatred. For instance, the Metro Newspaper, Manchester, January 18, 2005 reports, “Race-hate crimes up by 13% over 12 months (April 2003 and March 2004)…Of nearly 4,800 allegations made… Islam was the religion of victims in half the cases which ended up in court.

Apparently, this is a nagging problem that will not readily go away, especially now that there is a steady rise in the number of Europe wide - far right political groups with extreme views on immigration, race and foreign cultures (especially Islamic cultures). Incidentally, such far right political parties are perceived by many British media to include British National Party (BNP, UK), Viaams Blok (VB, Belgium), National Democrats (ND, Sweden), National Democratic Party (NDP, Germany), and Front National (FN, France). It is on records that many of these groups’ chieftains are said to have made many ‘unprintable’ and hostile remarks about Islam and Muslims worldwide. (Sources: Searchlight Magazine, UK, 2004-www.stopthebnp.com, Metro Newspaper, Manchester, July 15, 2004, Daily Mail, UK, Friday, July 16, 2004). And, of course the infamous 11 September 2001 terrorists’ attacks on America and in others places, such as in Madrid (Spain), Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, between 2001-2005 are glaring reminder of the protracted misunderstanding, suspicion and hatred between a large population of pro-polygamy people in Islam and the monogamous-women’s rights loving Western Europeans / North Americans.

Unequivocally, in theory, Islam is evidently a religion of peace, but polygamy is a culture of terror and ‘peacelessness’ around the world today. Apparently, on Sky news interview of 6 January 2005, the UK Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair must have got it right when he described the war in Iraq as war between terror (polygamy) and democracy (monogamy). The UK PM confidently concluded and said, “I can assure you democracy (monogamy) will prevail.”

In fact, in the opinion of several social scientists surveyed in Nigeria and in Britain in 2004 and on this same question, they concurred that polygamy remains the main poison that needs to be drained out between Islam and the West nay, across the polygamous countries in Africa, Middle East, and indeed the third world, and by all means necessary. Ostensibly, if Islam and the West are genuinely determined to allow total women freedom (sexual equality), democracy, probity, justice, prosperity and peace reign supreme in most parts of the third world as already achieved in most monogamous countries of Western Europe and North America over a hundred years ago. Suffice it to conclude that, polygamy has never and can never Unite Islam and the West, only monogamy can. This is the more reason why the ‘war’ against polygamy worldwide remains an inescapable calling of this generation (See CAPWOI books for details).

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Can Polygamy Curb Terror Around The World? 

No. Why? Because;

  • Apart from the unarguable facts that polygamy terrorises women and their fundamental rights around the world today, a large population of men including teenage boys are used to be indoctrinated to belief that when one kills a non believer in polygamy and women oppression he will go to ‘heaven’ (polygamists’ paradise) and enjoy (marry) 72 virgins (wives) till eternity. In fact, such erroneous and dangerous incitement once landed a cleric into trouble with the British law. The cleric was indicted to have promised British schoolboys ‘72 virgins in paradise’ if they died as Islamic martyrs, the Old Bailey Magistrate Court heard.
  • In the account of the Metro Newspaper, Manchester, Friday, January 24, 2003, it captions the report as: “‘You’ll have 72 virgins, terror boys told.’ ‘ The 39 years old accused is said to have made the pledge in a video calling on teenagers to train with kalashnikov rifles during their school holidays. The video apparently showed him addressing a student group after the September 11, 2001 attacks on America. The court heard he called on women to bring up their sons with a ‘jihad mentality’ and ‘not wimps’. He said ‘Even if you are hit by a cruse missile, the pain will be like a mosquito bite.”
  • The problem remains that, such outrageous act of grooming potential terrorists that joy in death rather than life with the hope to enjoying polygamy in ‘paradise’ is rampant in Islamic societies around the world. Although the London based accused denied inciting murder and stirring up racial hatred and the trial continues, but series of CAPWOI investigation in Nigeria and Britain in 2003 has revealed the willingness of many people to kill or get killed by non-believers (infidels) as to qualify them for the imaginary ‘polygamous paradise’, In consequence, same strong and worldwide believe in ‘polygamous paradise’ has for centuries led many poor, hopeless and desperate men, young and old with sadistic tendencies to becoming vicious suicide bombers, hijackers, hostage takers and murderers of tens of thousands of innocent people around the world.
  • Ironically and in most cases Western citizens that do not believe in polygamy or any form of female oppression are main victims of such terror around the world today. In fact, many people surveyed by CAPWOI in 2003 support the idea that promising vulnerable young people polygamy in an imaginary paradise is to blame for the continued rise in suicide attacks around the world today. And so, many respondents have come to believe that polygamy is the root cause of incessant anti-Western feelings (hatred for Western citizens and their interests) worldwide. It is therefore apparent that the local and international war against terror cannot be won unless polygamy or the idea of promising terror boys ‘polygamy in paradise’ that produces a large population of violent people (murderers) is discouraged and ultimately banned on the global scale.
  • One respondent, Ms. Tale Aina tried to buttress her claim and said ‘You can check this out yourself, In this era of international campaign against terror, most notorious persons indicted of terror charges are polygamists, products of polygamy, advocates of polygamy and adherents of polygamous religions across the world. And since it is unarguable that polygamy breeds people who are hell bent on leading the world to the ‘Armageddon,’ suffice it to conclude that, polygamy cannot curb but fuels terror across the world. And the least a lover of world peace can ask for, is the immediate-total ban of polygamy in Africa, Middle East, and worldwide (See CAPWOI Books for details).

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What Is The Direct Effect Of Polygamy On A Society?

In the medieval times polygamy or plural marriage is for indiscriminate and fast breeding of children population for political, economics, social and religious reasons. Such that for centuries and up till present while a large population of peasant farmer-communities may consider polygamy as to fast breed children population as farm hands with a view to maximising their farm outputs, so also many religious sects still promote polygamy among adherents as a sure means of population expansion mechanism (biological evangelisation). But modernity has changed all that. Farmers now rely more on machines and robots such as mowers, harvester and bulldozers to cultivate lands and maximise outputs. While prudent religions rely more on media and open-air crusades as to gain converts.

Sadly, at the turn of the 21st century, coercing women including kid wives into child bearing competition is to the detriment of fundamental women’s rights, family planning schemes, social security systems, future security of children and society. In consequent, most polygamous African and third world countries are over short with excessive, poor and vulnerable children population with blighted future that must commit crime or emigrate en mase to distant lands (i.e. monogamous and prosperous Western countries) for survival in the face of death by starvation. Such that Africa, Middle East and much of South East Asia now breed a large population of young people with blighted future that must ‘runaway’ to the West and other places in search of better life for them and there families. And as a matter of fact this trend will continue as long as polygamy that breeds a large population of unnecessary and unwanted children population in the third world is total banned on global scale. (See CAPWOI books for details).

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Is Polygamy A Healthy Family Lifestyle For Children?

No. Because, children in polygamy are born by accident, and have no choice in the matter. This fact makes them the real victims of polygamy. Polygamy fast breeds both wanted and unwanted children population. Sadly, and in most cases polygamists’ children lack love, care and protection of their natural parents that always have them too many amidst lack of adequate means of subsistence. Sadly too, most of these poor and defenceless children whose parents are no role models of monogamy are used to be prepared for future polygamous relationships as early as 12 years. And so, the children are usually kept in isolation (segregated) from the main stream of the society where they suffer various forms of abuse raging from female circumcision, incest, statutory rape, child-slave labour, virginity exams, denial of public education, medical neglect, poverty, child marriage, arranged marriage, dowry related violence, all day and night curfews, purdah, widowhood inheritance, to mention a few. And when some children refuse to live by a set rules their parents are known to kill them in ‘honour killing’ circumstances. Unequivocally as long as the practice of polygamy exists the abuse on innocent children will continue (see CAPWOI books for details).

Polygamy promotes penury, destitution and street begging in a society

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Can Polygamy Promote World Peace?

No. Why? Because, among other reasons already explained in the previous FAQs; polygamy is synonymous with secretive family lifestyle, isolation, depravation, women oppression (i.e. female circumcision, purdah, honour killings, etc.), male chauvinism, dictatorship, anarchy, ritual killings of humans and animals, including religious violence, terrorism and undue hatred for the ultimate-monogamous Western civilisation and cultures.

Such that, pro-polygamists worldwide are known autocratic fundamentalists who do not like to be challenged. And when challenged are ever prepared to violently terrorise their critics, both locally and internationally as to cover up their lustful pervasion in polygamy and women oppression. By implication polygamy has for decades distinctively divided the world into two rival groups, namely: the polygamous-poor Third World and the monogamous-democratic-prosperous Western world. In fact, this glaring social inequality between the West and the third world is responsible for undue violence and terror activities enveloping the world today. Indisputably, no culture such as polygamy that is a breeding ground for women abuse, undue secrecy, poverty, corruption, mass illiteracy, pandemic diseases (i.e. HIV/AIDS), religious violence and terror, including wanton hatred for the ultimate-monogamous Western cultures can be said to promote world peace. (See CAPWOI books for details).

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Are Polygamous Nations The Best In The World?

No. This conviction is based on the year 1999-2004 social indicators as put forward by the UNICEF, UNFPA, UNESCO, UNDP, USAID, WHO, CLO, World Bank, Transparency International, Amnesty International, Population Reference Bureau (USA), etc. These said indicators have repeatedly revealed that polygamous nations are the first fifty:

  1. Most corrupt countries.
  2. Poorest countries.
  3. Countries that have the worst human rights records.
  4. Overpopulated countries.
  5. Countries that have the highest concentration, and largest population of illiterate, destitute and jobless people, including street beggars, street prostitutes, armed robbers, ritual killers, killer witches, religious fanatic and terrorists, etc.
  6. Countries that have the highest incidences of ethnic and religious violence (so much God, so much violence and wickedness).
  7. Least developing countries- politically, socially, economically and technologically.
  8. Countries that have the highest rates of pandemic diseases/ sexually transmitted infections (e.g. HIV/AIDS).
  9. Countries that are run by oppressive governments that usually make refugees of their nationals abroad.
  10. Countries that have the largest population and concentration of people that loathe the ultimate-monogamous Western cultures (anti-Western feelings).
  11. Countries that are non-democratic or lack credible democracy.
  12. Countries that breed world’s largest population of potential and desperate economic immigrants with blighted future that must commit crime or emigrate to distant lands (especially the West) for survival in the face of death by starvation.
  13. Countries that have low life expectancy of their citizens at about 50 years and below.
  14. Countries that cannot provide social security systems (e.g. unemployment benefit) for their largely excessive, non-resourceful and poor population: Or, countries where unemployment benefit-schemes are inconceivable (See CAPWOI books for details.)

map indicating worldwide areas of polygamy

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Why Should I Be Concerned About Polygamy?

If you are a taxpayer or have a loved one who is a taxpayer you definitely need to be concerned about polygamy. Why? Because polygamy directly affects you. The government is directly subsidising polygamy by your tax pounds and dollars. Many polygamous wives consider themselves as ‘single mothers’ entitled to receiving welfare benefits as to care for themselves and ‘army’ of children.

For instance, in some polygamous communities in America, One Woman’s Crusade, ABC News, March 4 2004, says, “ The American taxpayers pay for much of this lifestyles ( polygamy). Recent records show in one year residents here collected more than $8 million from social services – including food stamps, welfare, health care – but entire town paid less than $100,000 in income taxes.”… “They are told to go on welfare,” Jesop said. “It’s called, ‘bleeding the beast’ they find it amusing that ‘Satan’ is supporting God’s work.”

However, in some polygamous towns, regions, countries and governments around the world, most Western governments and donor funded Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have for decades supported and still supporting majority of that polygamous population in the form of education, poverty alleviation, diseases control and disaster aid, using federal and state moneys to fund polygamous families, communities and their ever growing population of poor people with blighted future.

Besides, polygamists’ family environment is dysfunctional and exhibits the same dynamics as alcoholic or drug abusive environment and so, millions of pounds and dollars are being spent each year to subsidise polygamous schools, polygamous law enforcement and activities of polygamous-anti-Western culture groups who are used to evading tax responsibilities or terrorise innocent people at home or abroad.

In addition, while many world’s polygamous-tyrannical governments breed political and economic refugees, most third world polygamous families too, are used to fast breeding excessive; both wanted and unwanted children population with blighted future that must commit crime or emigrate (as economic refugees) to distant lands (especially the West) for survival in the face of death by starvation to the detriment of political, economic and social stability of their host countries. And the effect of which the entire world especially the Western countries are feeling today (see CAPWOI books for details).

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Is Polygamy The Best For Humans?

No. The fact that monogamous nations (i.e. USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, etc,) are the most prosperous, prudent, peaceful, democratised, and socially and technologically advanced, while majority of polygamous African, Middle Eastern and third world countries are the poorest, most corrupt, non-peaceful, non-democratised, and produce the largest population of violent peoples and women repressors, connotes that nature designs monogamy for humans and polygamy for animals for fast breeding of their kinds, knowing animals constitute food for human consumption.

But, when human beings do depart from nature’s plan and engage in polygamy good for animals their destinies tend to follow a new perverted direction similar to the polygamous animal kingdom of the beasts, where the rule of the living is ‘survival of the fittest’: Where life is short, nasty and brutish; and where greed, violence, female oppression and the spread of killer diseases, including the insatiable urge to eliminate each other for survival are the rules of the game.

Similarly, in the polygamous human societies, the same rule applies as people always struggle to cheat one another. They create oppressive societies where fellow humans lose not only their fundamental rights but their God given freedoms to live and let live and be respected.

These unarguable facts lay much credence to one of CAPWOI quotes that says, “Polygamy is the nature of the beast in man, or, the untamed animalistic behaviour in man.” (See CAPWOI books for details.)

 Polygamy promotes child marriage

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What Is The Evidence That Polygamy Exists In the UK

A curious investigation by CAPWOI in London, Birmingham and Manchester, etc. in May 2001 has shown that an estimated over ten thousand Britons including immigrants from Africa, Middle East and Asia are secretly and illegally practicing polygamy in the UK.

In fact, a BBC documentary programme, Religion and Ethics, 13 October 2004 featured an episode titled; “Inside The Harem” that makes the surprising discovery that polygamy is thriving unabated in the 21st century Britain. This illegal polygamy activity thrives glaringly among the Muslim communities of the Asian origin. This revealing episode has further confirmed that many of the additional wives are imported from Pakistan and other polygamous Asian countries. And sadly, most indoctrinated British first wives look the other way while their insensitive husbands break the law with impunity. To an average British Muslim ‘polygamy is allowed in the Sharia Law and no one can stop me.’ By implication many British polygamists’ wives have become home wrecks and their broods of children largely welfare dependent.

Another evidence of polygamy in Britain can be drawn from a widely publicised story in the Observer Newspaper, UK, Sunday, February 20, 2000 which reports that, “’British ban on polygamy faces a challenge in the European Court of Human Rights’ as a man fights to make three wives legal.” This is of course a case of a man and perhaps in solidarity with thousands of fellow British polygamist-sympathisers attempting to challenge the very British secular establishment struggling to make legal their secrete and illegal polygamous lifestyles.

In another CAPWOI investigation that links purdah system to polygamy in Britain, its says, “This is evident among other facts that there are increasing numbers of women including kid wives wearing purdah (burkah) on the streets of London, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester, etc, and even in remote places such as Stornoway. Although, shortly after the September 11 atrocity in USA many women abandoned their purdah for headscarf’s as to forestall possible persecution from the British public. But many women including kid wives soon don the purdah as to protest the proposed headscarf ban in France in November 2003 and onwards.

“As a matter of course, purdah (a.k.a silent movement of wives) is the most physical public symbol of a polygamist’s wife. This fact is true as in Nigeria, and other Islamic communities around the world today, where purdah is used to shield away polygamists’ wives especially kid wives from prying eyes of critics of polygamy, child marriage, sex with underage girls and teenage pregnancies. Indeed, purdah system is the worst form of women oppression worldwide. Women in purdah are cowed and conquered women. They are the women groomed to accept polygamy as their destinies. As a mater of course, any woman that accepts purdah will readily accept polygamy and vice versa. Meaning, purdah is the strongest pillar on which polygamy rests around the world today.” In fact, according to a year 2000 CAPWOI surveys of over 80 Nigerian women habitually donning the headscarves (hijab), over 80 percent of the women including girls-respondents confirm their willingness to accept purdah and polygamy when necessary. Meaning, headscarf is a ‘mini purdah.’ or 'purdah in half measure.' Suffice it to conclude that any where purdah and headscarf system exist polygamy also exists and vice versa. Of course the trio are inseparable. One cannot exist without the others. Concisely, a woman in purdah or  headscarf in Britain or anywhere abroad is either a polygamist’s wife or a potential polygamist’s wife. (See CAPWOI books for details).

picture of women in purdah

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Can Polygamy Be Abolished In Africa and Around The World?

Yes. Polygamy can be discouraged and of course abolished in all countries around the world today. In fact, if as at year 2004, Republic of Turkey, a predominant Islamic country has successfully abolished polygamy, headscarves, virginity exams and ultimately uphold sexual equality, and yet it remains a proud and most secular Muslim state, then it is possible to ban polygamy in all Islamic countries worldwide.

Also, if the good people of the socially advanced West had successfully abolished polygamy in their various societies over a hundred years ago, it is absolutely possible to discourage and abolish polygamy in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and indeed the third world, and in less than a decade, through sustained education, advocacy and support from CAPWOI and its allies; - benevolent individuals, religious organisations, international and governmental organisations including organiser of World Women Conference and the United Nations General Assembly (see CAPWOI books for details).

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Why The Urgent Need For Anti-Polygamy Crusade Worldwide?

At the turn of the twenty first century, and judging from the facts already presented in the FAQs, with polygamy intact in any part of the world, mankind faces an enemy of ruthless ambition unconstrained by law and morality. Against such an enemy there is no immunity, and there can be no neutrality. In fact, we all have no choice in the matter, because polygamy is a grubby culture that breeds women oppressors and murderers: A grubby culture that is a stranger to the truth: A grubby culture that intimidates people who do not agree with it. In shot, a grubby culture low on integrity, light on honesty and lacking in all humility.

We need to collectively fight polygamy now so that the lawless, merciless and murderers will not inherit the earth. And that is why CAPWOI and its allies and as matter of utmost urgency need to fight for the dignity of life and against polygamy which feels no shame in oppressing and pauperising billions of women and children around the world.

To this end, CAPWOI has over the years, and through aggressive media campaigns consistently painted the true pictures of most problems accentuated by polygamy. And where necessary, CAPWOI has continued irrevocably to constructively provide strong, convincing and accountable leadership that leads the way, but needs urgent financial and moral support of all lovers of freedom, peace and prosperity to succeed in its chosen aims and objectives.

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