is a condition or practice or culture of having more than one spouse at the same time. It is also known as polygyny, polyandry or plural marriage.
Polygamous nation:
a country where polygamy is a legal culture (i.e. Nigeria, and most countries in Africa, Middle east, nay, most countries in the third world).
Monogamous nation:
a country where bigamy (Polygamy) is a criminal offence (i.e. the UK, USA, and most countries in the West).
is the crime of marrying someone when you are still legally married to someone else (i.e. the UK, USA and most countries in the West).


  • An estimated over three billion people around the world today still believe in polygamy.
  • Over two billion women and children around the world live under the oppression of polygamy.
  • Polygamy is still a legal culture in over 150 countries in Africa, Middle East, and most countries in the third world. Nigeria alone is home to over 40 million polygamists. This figure includes a large population of kings, traditional chiefs, religious leaders, businessmen, government officials, politicians, members of the armed forces and the judiciary. This figure also includes a large population of disabled people, unemployed people and street beggars with an average of 10-60 wives or more and up to 100 children or more per man. Such that, in Nigeria of today, a large population of children do not know their fathers and many fathers cannot account for the number of their children. Despite attempts at headcounts, no one can say what is Nigeria’s exact population, nor can the government identify who its citizens are.
  • An estimated over 100,000 people in the monogamous United States of America (especially the fundamentalist Mormons) are practicing polygamy secretly and illegally (source: TAP, Utah, USA; www.polygamy.org).
  • Another estimated over 100,000 people in the monogamous Western Europe are believed to be practising polygamy secretly and illegally (source: CAPWOI news letter estimate in 2000: www.tk-one.com).
  • An estimated over 2 billion men and women are in polygamous relationships around the world today (source: CAPWOI estimate in 2004). (See CAPWOI books for details).