Mission Statement

We are women and men creating a louder voice for over two billion-voiceless women and children living under the oppression of polygamy in Africa, the third world and beyond.

With the use of scientific facts, human rights principles and ‘moralsuation,’ we are creating global awareness for the less publicised dangers of polygamy on women and children.

We are campaigning against polygamy because we have overwhelming evidence to support the fact that the practise breeds women oppression, corruption, poverty, sexual immorality, overpopulation, mass illiteracy, spread of pandemic diseases (i.e. HIV/AIDS), religious violence, anti-Western feelings and terror. Polygamy has for decades divided the world into two rival groups, namely; the polygamous nations and monogamous nations. By implication, polygamy does not support world peace, unity and security.

Our Goal

Bringing the problems of over two billion women and children living under the oppression of polygamy to the front banners of the world governments, world media and the United Nations General Assembly, including the organisers of World Women Conference and continental summits. Also, we are craving the attention and support of benevolent peoples of the West, philanthropic establishments, religious and international-human rights organisations. Such that in few years to come polygamy could have been discouraged on global scale and monogamy would have become a new world social order.

Campaigning to encourage African and third world politicians fighting for elections into parliaments or state legislatures to limit their families to one wife and two or three children, so setting example for the rest of their respective countries.

Leading a campaign for total ban of polygamy in Africa, Middle East and most parts of the third world as already achieved in most Western countries over a hundred years ago.

Picture of a polygamous Mormon family