From the aforementioned analysis, it is unarguable that no one can stop polygamy and the colossal damage to world women’s rights and future security of children and societies except aggressive anti-polygamy campaigners in the likes on CAPWOI that know the secrets of polygamy, its strength and weakness. This is the main reason why CAPWOI needs your support now, and before it is too late, as to enable ‘US’ succeed in ‘OUR’ education, advocacy and support programmes.

 Please join ‘US’: Help to stop the abuse in Africa, Middle East, the Third World and beyond as already achieved in the socially advanced Western Europe and North America over a hundred years ago. So that when the story of our collective success is told to future generations many decades from now, the moral of the story will be the power of human spirit to unite behind the common cause, defeat a common foe (polygamy), and advance the heath, happiness, harmony and freedom of all mankind, especially ‘womankind.’

‘We depend on each other, the world depends on us all’ (Please see our services / contact for details).


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