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British Muslim Women Abandoned Hijab & Purdah (Burqa) For 11 Days

The worldwide circulated CAPWPOI’s February 2005 Media Release has encouraged a large population of British Muslim women and girls to abandon Hijab and purdah (burqa) for about 11days (between 17 February 2005 and 2 March 2005). Such that, designated CAPWOI members travelled from London to Birmingham, and from Manchester to Glasgow without sighting a single woman or girl donning the Hihab or purdah.

British Ban On Hijab, A must or Else…

In the last decade the controversy surrounding the ban on Muslim headscarves (hijab) in state and private schools has become more topical. Although, many British schools may have succeeded in banning hijab in their schools but there are still scores of single faith schools, mainly Islamic schools that still make hijab mandatory on their girl pupils.

At present, the controversy surrounding the issue of hijab in British schools, ‘to be or not to be’ is still a very hot debate. Such that after the 2003 legislative-hijab ban in French schools, an online-Website-opinion poll in the says; out of 4,889 vote casts as at 10 February 2005, 52% vote ‘No’ to British ban on hijab in schools, 46% vote ‘Yes’ and 2% vote ‘Don’t Know’. But, out of strong conviction that Muslim headscarves (hijab) should be banned in all British educational institutions, CAPWOI members join the ‘Yes’ voters. And for several reasons as would be highlighted in this press release, CAPWOI calls for the immediate ban on hijab in all British educational institutions, be it state or private.

This call for ban on hijab in schools becomes necessary after years of protracted clashes between the Office For Standards in Education in England (OFSTED) and many Muslim groups; prominent among the religious groups is the Association of Muslim Schools. By implication, coherence in many British schools and society are not achievable. Peaceful cooperation between Muslims and non-Muslims is consistently threatened. Race-hate crime is on increase and unnecessary oppression of Muslim girls and women is not curb-able in Britain of today.

In recent encounter between OFSTED’s Chief Inspector of Schools and Muslim groups, the Manchester Evening Newspaper, UK 18, January 2005, reports, “Anger At Plea For ‘Coherence in British Society’…as ‘Muslims reacted angrily after the head of OFSTED warned that the growth of Muslim faith schools must not be allowed to undermine the coherence in British society.

‘A traditional Islamic education does not entirely fit’ Muslim children for life in modern Britain said, David Bell, the Chief Inspector of Schools. In a speech in London, Mr. Bell said, ‘While diversity was potentially a great strength, it could also pose a threat to ‘our coherence as a nation, if taken too far’. He acknowledged that the issues he was raising were ‘tricky’, but stressed ‘Faith should not be blind’…Religious segregation in schools for example must not put our coherence at risk… Schools must help their pupils to acquire an appreciation of and respect for other cultures in a way that promotes tolerance and harmony.”

While many people applauded the Chief inspector’s comments many Muslims labelled his comments as unfortunate and irresponsible. Such that Association of Muslim Schools chairman, Dr, Mohammed Mukadam accused Mr Bell of Islamophobia and challenged him to a public debate (source: Guardian Newspaper, UK, 18 January 2005).

However, on this topical issue, all members of CAWOI find it irresponsible on the part of many Muslim groups to have attempted, as usual, to silence the School Inspectors Department each time it demands for high standards in all British schools be it state or private. CAPWOI believe Mr Bell may have said all he said judging from a background of overwhelming evidence at his disposal. Take for instance the issue of mandatory hijab on Muslim schoolgirls. It is of course a disgrace that in a civilised country as great as Britain, the bastion of women’s freedom, schoolgirls are still coerced into donning headscarves to school, an outfit synonymous with oppressed schoolgirls in developing African, Middle Eastern and Asian countries. This is of course a shame and a mistake that must be corrected, and as soon as possible.

One may then ask, ‘what is hijab and what is it used for?’ Hijab (aka jibab) is a Muslim headscarf. It is a square scarf that covers the head, neck and chest but leaves the face clear. In many cases the covering is always extended to the arms and body and the legs with only the face and hands showing. Most Muslims believe hijab is a religious statement or duty or Islamic symbol. Such that many Muslim parents, guardians, husbands and schools usually make hijab mandatory on girls and women that they may be seen as devout Muslims. Many Muslim groups, however, have the opinion that hijab is a form of religious right.

In today’s Britain, while many state and private schools have banned hijab on schoolgirls, scores of Muslim schools still make hijab mandatory on their girl-pupils. One of such single faith schools is Leicester Islamic Academy, which has over 700 pupils, aged five to 16. According to the Guardian Newspaper, UK January 18, 2005, ‘there are over 100 Islamic schools in Britain today and the number is fast-growing annually.’ And the problem remains the fact that many of these Muslim schools are not on the good books of the Chief Inspector of Schools in England, hence Mr David Bell’s comments. And that is why CAPWOI stands by Mr David Bell in demand for high standards in all Muslim schools especially the immediate ban on hijab on Muslim schoolgirls for many reasons as enumerated below:

  1. According to CAPWOI surveys of over 50 Muslim school boys and girls attending single faith based schools in London, Birmingham and Manchester, etc, over 90% of the girls claimed the hijab is not their chosen, it is made compelling on them by their parents, guardians, relations, school authorities and religion. Left to most of the girls, they want to walk free from hijab to school like other British girls, if they have the choice. While the rest 10% of the girls responded amidst frowned faces, with a lot of bitterness in their voices and chorused, ‘hijab is a dictate of the Islamic religion and we have no choice in the matter.’ During CAPWOI surveys, many Muslims and non-Muslim girls condemned hijab system claiming it oppresses Muslim schoolgirls. It makes them feel subjugated, less human and by all means not equal to the boys. Here is how hijab system creates a ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality.
  2. To most Muslims, hijab is a religious statement or religious identity. Apparently, many Muslim mothers who themselves have gone and still going through the pains of hijab do not see any reason why their daughters should escape the horror and pains of hijab. Here is how Muslim parents force their daughters to put on display what essentially parents’ religion. And since children have no religion at birth, it is only reasonable to allow children to choose whether to have a region or not.
  3. Hijab separates and segregates Muslim girls from other British girls. It promotes a sense of religious divisions among British schoolgirls. And as such, most girls in hijab do not feel same as other girls. This is where hijab system is a ‘jihad’ against Muslim girls’ fundamental human rights to feel being British first and then Muslims.
  4. Most pro-hijab schools breeds mostly shy and narrow minded girls whose behaviours are totally different from the rest of the society. Every human being demands respect but coercing innocent schools girls into donning hijab against their wishes is no respect at all. And that is the reason why a ban on hijab would allow children to celebrate their similarities, not their differences.
  5. Wide acceptance of hijab among British Muslims encourages many parents and guardians to bully on their girls whenever they refuse to don the headscarves. Many parents and relatives do carry the bullying to a ridiculous length by out rightly withdrawing the girls from schools or disowning the girls or killing the girls in 'honour killing' circumstances. Here is how hijab is a sign of suppression and prejudice towards Muslim girls and women (See for stories of honour killing in the UK).
  6. While many Muslims see Muslim girls without the hijab on as outcasts and prostitutes or homosexuals, many Muslim men see girls in hijab as marked girls for or exclusive preserve of Muslim suitors. Such that many Muslim girls are not allowed to having normal relationship with non-Muslim boys and men. Also, many Muslim male surveyed claimed they would prefer not to date or marry a girl that refuses to don the hijab. In consequence, whenever many Muslim girls do fall in love with or date or marry non-Muslims they are usually persecuted, violently attacked or killed in honour killing circumstances. This is where hijab system does not promote mutual tolerance and social inclusion, including inter-racial, -ethnic and -religious marriage.
  7. Hijab (aka jibab) is a long dress. It is not suitable for physical education. Pupils could slip or trip in the long dress. Here is how hijab system endangers the girls in schools and public. This is why a ban on hijab in all-educational institutions would not be a ban on Islam or a ban on decency of girls and women.
  8. Hijab system encourages schoolgirls to refuse instructions from their teachers and the school authorities. Especially, when they refuse to take part is sports, drama, gymnastics, swimming, physical-education and dance lessons in mixed classes, including the habitual boycott of human reproduction and sex education classes, because to many Muslim girls such lessons are immoderate or immoral. This is how the hijab system set limits and barriers for many Muslim schoolgirls’ future prospects. By implication, many Muslim girls are denied the needed opportunity to developing their natural talents in these specified areas of education. And here is why a school should be a place to learn and not a place to expose or display your religion.
  9. Most pro-hijab schools encourage the segregation of girls and boys in classes. Girls and boys are taught separately under the same building or at different time shifts. By implication, most pro-hijab schoolgirls believe it is improper to sit side by side with or touch or shake hands with the boys. The separation is so glaring that where ever boys are playing the girls in hijab stay away. Same thing happens not only in schools but also in homes and places of worship. Here is how hijab system is a sign of a girl’s or woman’s inferiority in the Islamic culture, and the women’s complete integration into the West cannot be achieved unless they accept to abandon the headscarves for good.
  10. Many girls in hijab believe they are better Muslims than other girls without headscarves. Many girls in hijab perceive other girls without hijab as being promiscuous, prostitutes, lesbians or homosexuals. This is why the continued existence of pro-hijab schools in Britain is evidently an open provocation that breeds intolerant pupils.
  11. The incessant controversy surrounding the issue of hijab in schools is so volatile that each time the issue comes up it always results to clashes between Muslim groups and the School Inspectors’ Department, OFSTED. By implication the British School Standards Board is never in full control of standards in all British schools, especially single faith schools that still make hijab mandatory on girls. This is why OFSTED, nay, the British law makers should not give any room for negotiation so that the liberalness in the British laws on hijab would not be perceived by world feminists as total weakness.
  12. The hijab system denies schoolgirls decent clothing and proper uniforms that befits modern day pupils. The insinuation is, ‘if hijab is a necessary part of Islam, then why don’t the boys and men ware them?’ The answer is that under Islam the women in hijab are oppressed. The men are scared of loosing control of the girls and women.
  13. In the public, many girl-pupils in hijab are noticeably shy, timid, suspicious and always looking over their shoulders and avoiding eye contact with non-Muslims. In consequence, many girls in hijab lack confidence to interact with other members of the public.
  14. The hijab system puts girls and women in a position of submission to the boys and men. It discourages girls from relating to boys as normal. This is where hijab is a rude insult to the female intelligence.
  15. Because many single faith schools make hijab mandatory on girls, many of the girls tend to detest Western method of free and smart dressing, such that in attempt to justify their reason for donning the hijab, many Muslim girls are known to refer to other girls in bikini, for example, as prostitutes. Here is why hijab is a physical rebellion against Western cultures and values, and it would be a better world if girl-children will be children without a label.
  16. A typical hijab covers a girl’s hair, ears and much of the face, and in extreme cases it extends to the neck, arms and legs, as a result, hijab blurs a girl's or woman's true identity, such that recognising her at a glance or distance or in a passport photograph is always difficult. This is how hijab treats girls and women as second-class humans. The hypocrisy exposed here is, ‘the Quran prescribes modest dressing for Muslim women but does not make hijab compulsory on them.
  17. Girls in hijab are open to condemnation, mockery, persecution and attacks from some members of public that find girls in hijab in Britain nauseating, abhorrent and condemnable. Many girls in hijab are used to be taunted with embarrassing words such as ‘ninja’, ‘parachutist’, masquerade, ‘paki’, ‘polygamist’s wife’, ‘fanatic’, ‘extremist’, etc. And when the girls try to fight back, usually, trouble brews. Here is how hijab promotes hatred towards British Muslims. In consequence, race-hate crime is on increase in Britain and Islam is the religion of half the victims. (Source: Metro Newspaper, Manchester, January 18, 2005),  has details.
  18. For decades, even though many Muslim girls do not want to don the hijab to school or in the public, but whenever there is an outcry from the public and school authorities against the hijab system, it is the men that always attempt to speak in defence of the girls and women, claiming hijab is a religious issue and should not be discussed. The situation makes Muslim girls and women in hijab voiceless, defenceless and latent participants of the society. By implication, most Muslim girls and women in hijab are secluded from the main stream of the society and the abuse continues. Here is why the great Islamic religion does not need to be visible through hijab or purdah. It needs reform. 
  19. Many girls in hijab are known to habitually refused instructions from their teachers, and many of such cases had resulted in litigations against the teachers and school authorities. For instance, in the widely publicised High Court case between 15 year old Miss ‘S’ and Denbigh High School, Luton, Miss ‘S’ was expelled from school for donning Hijab to the class and against the school’s regulation (Source: Metro Newspaper, Manchester, May 28, 2004). Also, in a high profile Peterborough Crown Court case between Ms Hazel  Dick/ Bretton Woods Community School, Peterborough. The 15 year old Miss ‘C’ challenged Miss Hazel Dick, her class teacher in court for allegedly pulling off the teenage-Muslim-girl’s headscarf and insulted Islam (Source: The Independent Newspaper, UK 27, January 2004). Http:/ has more of such stories of Muslim girls, who challenged their schoolteachers in court over hijab.
  20. After graduation from schools, another problem facing British girls and women in hijab is joblessness. According to a unique survey by Manchester Evening Newspaper, 17 February 2005, it writes; “ When it comes to getting jobs Muslim women in hijab are the most disadvantaged faith group. The rate of unemployment among them is three times the national average. This is because many employers are too frightened to employ them.” Many people perceive women in hijab as terrorists. Even, when many Muslim women in hijab manage to get into work they are hardly promoted. Here is how pro-hijab schools produce a large number of female students with uncertain future-job prospects and thus suffer from repression, persecutions, joblessness and poverty including, isolation, rejection, regrets and shame. In consequence, a large population of jobless Muslim women in hijab lack economic satisfaction and are largely welfare dependent at the expense of the taxpayers. Suffice it to say that, head or tail, most women in hijab in Britain nay the West today have nothing to gain from habitually donning the headscarves but everything to loose. And the only way to get Muslim women into jobs is for them to abandon the hijab for good.
  21. Psychologically speaking, one effective method of controlling people or make them do things they would not ordinarily do, is to make them fear the unknown. And so, the perfect linkage of hijab system with religion or ‘a condition as to making paradise’ has for hundreds of years remained a sure method of inducing fear into girls and women worldwide. By implication, many girls’ and women’s intelligence have been bastardised and turned to intelligence of ‘horses’ that could be manoeuvred without resistance. It is therefore not surprising to see many girls in hijab readily accepting all forms of female oppression that place women at the ‘feet’ (mercy) of men as their destinies. Oppression such as female circumcision, dowry system, child marriage, forced marriage, arranged marriage, purdah (burqa), including marital rape, harem system (polygamy), wife battery, sexual segregation and widowhood inheritance, etc. Such that, even when the girls eventually get married they need exit permits from their husbands before going out of their homes or talking to non-members of their families. Here is why any rigid society or people or religion that strictly adheres to a law written for 7th century will continue to encounter insurmountable problems in the modern world.
  22. Even though they could not explain how, but many girls in headscarves interviewed claimed the hijab allows interactions between men and women to be free and save. As a matter of fact, such excuse is flimsy because majority of polygamists’ wives in Britain today, nay worldwide are girls and women in hijab and purdah.
  23. Hijab is a mini purdah or purdah in half measure, It thus connotes that pro-hijab schools are training and breeding grounds for a large population of girls that would don the hijab for the rest of their lives. And in extreme cases, a large population of the girls would readily accept purdah as a way of life. And, because the girls in hijab are indoctrinated, vulnerable and perpetually live in fear of persecution and violent attack from men, including the honour killing system, many of them would readily or under duress accept to becoming child-brides and polygamists’ wives and against their wishes. Here is how hijab system is no symbol of Islam. It was created by medieval Muslim men to coercing women into abandoning their quest for sexual equality with men and come under polygamy. This simple fact explains how hijab system breeds a large population of women in purdah and polygamists’ wives in Britain.  In consequence, a large population of secluded girls and women in veils and purdah are unable to control their own development or build up their natural talents, thus, they soon become untrained, unskilled and non-resourceful, and together with their polygamists’ husbands they fast breed a large population of children with blighted future who, in most cases are welfare dependent. This simple fact makes hijab as well as purdah public symbols of polygamists’ wives and potential polygamists’ wives. The trio are one and the same. One cannot exist in a society without the others. Together, the trio- hijab, purdah and polygamy have for decades silenced a large number of British Muslim wives and have turned many of them to home wrecks. In other words, the hijab system does not benefit the girls and women instead it set limits and barriers on their freedoms and lives. More so, even though, few pro-hijab schools claim to have high performances at GCSE examinations yet, there is no statistical evidence that Muslim girls in hijab are doing better in schools than their girl counterparts who are free from hijab. This simple fact makes hijab harmful to girls and women in Britain today, nay, worldwide.
  24. Above all, hijab terrorises women worldwide. In the sense that, in as much as the ‘hood’ (balaclava) on boys and men symbolises terror or terrorists or terrorism including rebel or rebellion, so also the Muslim headscarves (i.e hijab, al-amina, shayla, khimar, chador, niquab and burque (purdah) on Muslim females symbolise terror or terrorised including rebel or rebellious girls and women in Britain and worldwide. Of course, he or she that habitually hide his or her facial identity in the public definitely has something sinister to hide and thus cannot be trusted. In fact, there have been cases of women in hajib involved in suicide bombings around the world. Hence, there has been unprecedented rise in random searches of women in hijab for explosive at most airports and borders worldwide.


Effect of Hijab on boys

  1. On the other side of the divide, are the Muslim boy-pupils attending classes with girls in hijab either in separate building premises or at different time shifts. CAPWOI surveys on the boys also show that psychologically, seeing their girl counterparts in hijab affects the boys mentally and emotionally. And, because, most Muslim boys were born into hijab communities, so, they rather don’t question the rationale behind hijab, instead they always struggle aggressively to defend the system without asking any questions. Many Muslim boys are taught to believe hijab is normal. Islam is the best and unquestionable, and that non-Muslims are pagans (infidels) that should not be associated with. This is where many pro-hijab schools breed largely narrow minded boy pupils with extreme views on social etiquettes, women’s rights, sexual equality, sexual relationships, family lives and religious tolerance.
  2. Many Muslim boys surveyed, however, see the girls in hijab as preserve for boys and men in Islam alone. The boys claimed they would always resist their sisters and female acquaintances from dating and getting married to non-Muslims. Unequivocally, such believe is evidently the root cause of unprovoked attacks on non-Muslim suitors, and honour killing of Muslim girls attempting to date or marry non-Muslim men. ( has stories of attacks on non-Muslim suitors in Britain.
  3. Because, many pro-hijab schools teach more of the traditional Islamic Sharia Law that permits polygamy, many Muslim boys surveyed claimed when the time comes, they would not mind having up to four wives as commanded in the Quran. To many of the boys, ‘the Sharia permits polygamy and no one can stop me.’ This is the root of the reasons why a large number of Muslims in Britain today secretly and illegally practice polygamy with impunity to the detriment of the emotional comfort of the first and incumbent wives. The BBC documentary, ‘Religion And Ethics’ programme, October 13, 2004, titled, ‘In The Harem’ further confirms that polygamy thrives in today’s Britain unabated and predominantly among the Muslim population. This is where the unbreakable link between hijab, purdah and polygamy is further exposed; has stories of polygamists in Britain.
  4. The fact that many Muslim boy-pupils in pro-hijab schools are from polygamous homes, or that the boys usually see their uncles and acquaintances practising and glamorising polygamy, many young Muslims are tempted to follow suit. In fact, there are some stories on that describe how some Muslim clerics are known to groom ‘terror boys’ by promising them polygamy in paradise. In one of such stories reported by the Metro Newspaper, Manchester, UK January 24, 2003, it writes, “A 39 year old Muslim cleric was dragged before the Old Bailey Magistrate Court, charged with inciting murder for promising young Muslim boys ‘72 virgin-wives in paradise’ if they could kill non-Muslims (infidels).” Of course, the worldwide media coverage of terror minded British Muslims, in the likes of Richard Reid, the so-called ‘shoe bomber’ is still fresh in our minds. And not so long ago, a pair of British Muslim men went to Israel and died as suicide bombers. Also, during the war in Afghanistan, British citizens went to support the murderous, pro-hijab, pro-purdah and polygamous Taliban regime and to fight against the women’s rights loving Allied forces. And since for centuries such promise of ‘polygamy in paradise’ slogan is used to recruit suicide bombers and murderers of non-Muslims around the world, it connotes that the determination of Muslims to perpetuate hijab, purdah and polygamy worldwide and at all cost is evidently the root of anti-Western feelings around the world today. Here is how Islamists want the very young children to be educated with tremendous amount of hatred against whatever looks European, Western or secular. This very fact has further confirmed that Muslim headscarf system is an embodiment of a political worldview that rejects secularism, and even, for some, embraces Islamic extremism. By implication, the Anglo-American initiated international war against terror cannot be worn as long as hijab, purdah and polygamy are widely accepted cultures anywhere inside and outside Britain.

Effect of hijab on single faith schools

Judging from the aforementioned facts, as long as most pro-hijab schools breed a large population of indoctrinated, timid and traumatised girls in hijab (jibab) that may sooner than later consider donning the purdah or accepting polygamy, including a large number of boy-pupils that may want to aggressively defend hijab, purdah and polygamy in future and by all mean possible, or become polygamists themselves, then most pro-hijab schools can never be in the good books of the British Inspectors’ of Schools. Mainly because such schools can never produce pupils ‘fit for modern Britain,’ a first class civilised country and the bastion of democracy and ultimate women freedom. Unequivocally, the hijab system and pro-hijab schools are a potent and huge threat to the ways of life of the British people, and Britain, nay Europe would be a lot safer without pro- hijab schools that are set to produce, annually, thousands of ‘little Talibans’ with poisoned minds against Western cultures and women’s freedoms.

Way Forward

Although a BBC news report, 18 January 2005, has it that, ‘about 3% of British Muslim children attend Muslim faith schools,’ but if the ever increasing number of pro-hijab schools is not checked, it may sooner than latter grow out of complete control of the OFSTED. For instance, an unconfirmed report reaching CAPWOI recorded that in all pro-hijab schools in Britain today, 75% of their pupils are girls. And as many as 70% of these girls are from deprived backgrounds, but are able to afford the school fees as huge as £1,300 a year through scholarships on the condition that the girls accept to donning the hijab in schools and in public. Ostensibly, that the British public might see the girls in hijab as ‘mobile advertisement’ of Islam, and feel Islam is everywhere. Should this assertion be true, it is very unfortunate indeed, as making hijab a condition for scholarships would not be in the interest of the girls’ total freedom and coherence in Britain.

Another worrying aspect of the problem includes the fact that most pro-hijab schools are being run like cults: they are distrustful of the press for the fear that the media might expose their propaganda machines that propel the ‘real agenda.’ Even, browsing through most of these schools’ Internet websites, they, unlike other conventionally liberal schools do deliberately avoided showing pictures of their schoolgirls in hijab as it may cause public outrage, rather they reveal only their buildings’ premises. A hidden agenda indeed!

And, since a large population of British people are against hijab in schools and many feminists like CAPWOI members would not stop being intolerant to intolerance, iliberalism and attitudes and values that demean the place of certain section of our community, be they women in hijab and purdah or people living in non-traditional relationships- polygamy, it is only imperative that the British government enact a legislation banning hijab in all faith based schools, purdah on the streets, including tougher laws on polygamy(bigamy), now before it is too late. Because evil triumph in a society that lacks men and women of valour. ‘We’ have to do it now and if we do not our children may never forgive us, or will look at us with great criticism.

After all, the French government had banned hijab in schools in 2003. Likewise, the Republic of Turkey (a prominent Muslim nation) too, had also banned hijab in all its schools, so what stops Britain from banning hijab in all Muslim schools? Nothing! And that is why CAPWOI’s campaign book titled; ‘Polygamists’ Wives’, ISBN: 0954681703 gives over 100 reasons why Britain ‘must’ ban hijab in schools and in public. Also, for the fact that hijab is directly linked to the secret and illegal practice of polygamy in Britain confirms that in theory, Islam is a religion of peace, because it has all the attributes required for living with modernity, but hijab system is an aggressive but covert way of polygamising the UK, nay the West to the detriment of British and Western women’s freedoms, comfort and happiness. This is outrageous and unacceptable.

It is therefore imperative that to further promote ‘common heritage’ in the UK and as well as coherence in the British society all pro-hijab schools need be closed down or out rightly incorporated into state schools where hijab is prohibited. This becomes necessary because, according to Thomas Jefferson, the USA’s first Secretary of State, ‘God, who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time, and to build a world of hope is to build a world of freedom.’ In as much as this fact is true, it is therefore the moral duty of the British government to set free all British Muslim schoolgirls from this obnoxious hijab system by shutting down all pro-hijab schools. Of course, the issue here is not about religious freedom but about saving British Muslim girls from a kind of apartheid that is increasingly imposed on them by the men in their community and schools. In as much as, ‘a woman’s freedom is her birthright,’ and women’s freedoms are far more important than religious freedom, it is therefore wrong and condemnable for a modern religion to struggle on end to survive on the neck, flesh and blood of its women. Of course, women are the mothers of the world and the extension of women’s rights is the basic principles of all social progress.

Why Muslims Should Support Ban on Hijab

It is of course imperative that Muslims should support the ban on hijab in British-Muslim schools, be it state or private. Why? Because among other physical and psychological reasons earlier enumerated, it is inarguable that hijab (jibab) is not compulsory in Islam, as not all Muslim schoolgirls worldwide don the hijab. Hijab is not one of the pillars of Islam. Meaning, donning the hijab does not make a girl or woman a better Muslim. And the fact that Islam did not invent religious headscarves (hijab) and that hijab had existed in Arabia before the Quran was revealed (Compare 1 Corinthians 11:3-10) connotes that the hijab system is not religious or Islamic but another four-letter word CULT. It is therefore important that Muslims support the proposed hijab ban in all British-Muslim schools, so convincing critics that Islam can prosper even better in Britain and worldwide without oppressing its female adherents in hijab. After all, anything good Islam does to set free its women worldwide is for its own good and vice versa.

Besides, religion should be personal to those concerned and should not be a thing one carries on his or her head for the world to see. This makes hijab intimidating, domineering, ostentatious and condemnable. In fact, many of us CAPWOI members are from polygamous homes. And from our peculiar experience we believe that hijab, purdah and polygamous communities worldwide can be likened to an alcoholic or drug abusive environments, where men are constantly intoxicated and addicted to all kinds of women’s rights abuses which the men do cheerfully under the guise of religion and culture. And that is why CAPWOI members believe ‘faith should not be blind’ to see the mortal dangers accentuated by continued existence of pro-hijab schools in Britain today.

The French experience during the Iraq war, for example, cannot be ignored, when two French journalists, Christian Chesnot and George Malbrunot were being taken hostage in Iraq in 2004. The Muslim-‘hijab terrorists’ demanded that the law banning hijab in France be overturned or else the two French men would die. This infamous episode unequivocally reflect the perfect link between hijab system and terror, and why Islam and the West cannot be at peace with each other or reconcile their century old enmity and hatred as long as Muslim headscarves are accepted cultures anywhere in the world.

Take for instance, a news report from USA that is home to an estimated over six million Muslims says; ‘before and after the September 11, 2001 terrorists’ attacks and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that claimed lives of thousands of American soldiers and civilians, Islamophobia is spreading dangerously in US and Europe.’ According to the Final Call Newspaper (an Islamic journal, USA) 13 January 2005;  ‘Year 2004 marks the highest number of Muslim related civil right cases ever recorded in the USA so said the Council For American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)… Many theories are now being formulated claiming Islam is an enemy civilisation.’ Such that many critics of Islam now claim the more they see Muslim girls and women in hijab and purdah in public the more they are reminded of the infamous 9/11 atrocities and the more they hate Muslims and Islamic religion. Here is how hijab and purdah systems fuel race-hate crime in America. Similarly, since September 11, 2001, many European nations have recorded unprecedented rise in race-hate crimes where Muslims are the main victims.

Another likely problem ahead that is of course not ignorable is the fact that, the trio-hijab, purdah and polygamy are the very root cause of anti-Western feelings (Chistianophobia), anti-Semitism and Islamophobia (hatred for Muslims) worldwide. This assertion could mean that, any aggressive attempt by Muslims to force hijab, purdah and polygamy on the monogamous Western societies may sooner than later lead the world to the ‘Armageddon.’ The barrels of blood shed during the historic 14th-17th century- Europe’s jihads and the crusades are still fresh in our minds, where one civilisation violently struggled to convert, conquer and eliminate the other. One can only hope that the British people would have learnt the lessons of history.

Inarguably, hijab, purdah and polygamy have for over a thousand years fast-bred over 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide (biological evangelisation) and that figure is of course a robust political statement. But now that close to two third of this said population in Africa, Middle East and Asia now live in extreme corruption, abject poverty, overpopulation, oppression, mass illiteracy, pandemic diseases (i.e. HIV/AIDS) and peacelessness, its about time world Muslims abandoned hijab, purdah and polygamy as already achieved by monogamous, democratic and prosperous- non-Muslims in the West over a hundred years ago. Suffice it to say that, hijab, purdah and polygamy had for centuries past worked in favour of Islam, but in the last decades and till present the ‘trio’ have brought Islam into disrepute and many world Muslims to shame. Here is how any one or people that hurt women based on religious ideology would not escape unhurt.

CAPWOI, therefore, calls on all pro-hijab Muslim organisations worldwide to please abandon their worldwide campaigns aimed at legitimising and glamorising women oppression in hijab and purdah, and join forces with CAPWOI, the prestigious, civilised and wining anti-hijab, anti-purdah and anti-polygamy crusade with the view to setting free over two billion girls and women from these antiquated and oppressive hijab, pudah and polygamy systems that have for decades been breeding largely perpetual hewers of firewood,  fetchers of water and the wretched of the earth in Africa, Middle East, Asia and worldwide. Please join us now. CAPWOI needs you and the world needs us. Together we would discourage hijab, purdah and polygamy worldwide through education, advocacy and support.

To this end, CAPWOI is calling on the British government and as matter of urgency, to please ban hijab in all schools, purdah on the streets and create tougher laws against polygamy (bigamy) in homes so as to achieve genuine sexual equality among British Muslims, coherence in British society, race-hate crime free UK, and more importantly so that the Great Britain could have the moral justification to condemn hijab, purdah and polygamy in Africa, Middle East, Asia and worldwide.

For better understanding of these problems accentuated by the unduly prolonged hijab system among British Muslims, Mr Taiwo Onalaja, the Chief Coordinator of CAPWOI throws down the gauntlet and accuses pro-hijab schools’ head teachers for needlessly, aggressively and covertly promoting women oppression and polygamy in Britain and abroad. Hence, Mr Taiwo Onalaja challenges pro-hijab Muslim academics and educationists to a public debate so that the world can know how Muslim headscarves, purdah and polygamy cultures wreck the world and oppress over two billion women. In consequence, world peace, unity and security are consistently threatened unabated.

Thank you.


Taiwo Onalaja, Chief Coordinator,

Campaign Against Polygamy and Women Oppression International (CAPWOI)