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Distant Yourselves From Pro-Hijab Groups, MEPs Told

CAPWOI has advised 70 pro-hijab MEPs to distant themselves from pro-hijab groups or else the right honourables may unknowingly be helping to Islamise Europe.

This E-Message Has Been Sent To All 70 Members Of The European Parliament (MEPs) Who Supported And Co-signed The Pro-Hijab Written Declaration in May 21, 2005.  Here is your copy so that Your Excellency too, may take action.

8 August 2005

The Honourable MEP

The European Parliament

Your Excellency Sir / Madam

Hijab At The EU: Helping to Islamise Europe

Thank you for your letter to us dated 14 July 2005 in which you stated your position on the controversial hijab written declaration (21 May 2005) at the EU. You said and we quote; “I stand for the freedom to wear or not to wear the hijab. What is important is the individual’s free decision.”

With due respect to you our honourable MEP we totally disagree with your position on this hijab issue and for several reasons that would be elaborately discussed in this letter.

In fact, your position is not an isolated case. Most pro-hijab MEPs, British MPs, Mayors and Muslim organisations commonly put forward same ‘defensive statement.’ The problem is, searching through most of the 70 pro-hijab MEPs’ profiles, yours inclusive, it is clear that most pro-hijab MEPs are habitually smartly dressed and may never have donned the hijab or burka either in the past or at present or in the future. So, the questions that keep coming to mind are, “Why are most habitually smartly dressed MEPs at the EU campaigning to encourage European Muslim women and girls to hide in hijab and burka? Why are pro-hijab MEPs preaching what they don’t practice? How would pro-hijab MEPs encourage European Muslim women and girls to feel being European first before feeling being Muslims? How can pro-hijab MEPs encourage proper integration of European Muslim women and girls when most female European Muslims still habitually dress, think and behave as Arabs do? Are pro-hijab MEPs promoting a cause they hardly understand? Is pro-hijab MEPs helping to Islamise Europe?” In fact, the questions on the list are inexhaustible.

However, judging from these few highlighted questions, we strongly believe that your position as a notable pro-hijab MEP and with the notion that a Muslim woman or girl should be able to chose to wear hijab or not cannot be constructively justified. Why? Because, if the present British government, for example, has similar view that allows compulsory hijab in many of its schools and public institutions, then, the issue of choice to wear or not to wear the hijab cannot be justified as not all Muslim schoolgirls want to don the hijab anyway. Many of the Muslim schoolgirls we surveyed in 2004-2005 want to walk free from hijab like their non-Muslim counterparts. And that is why the irreversible hijab ban in France in 2003 is the most rational stance any true feminist and democratic government can take. This is of course the root of our argument. In fact, if the present British government had for years being reluctant to ban hijab in many of its schools and perhaps in an attempt to appease pro-hijab Muslim communities around Britain, then such government policy has failed to properly integrate Muslims into the British society. Take for instance; such pro-hijab policy has not encouraged Muslims to feel being British first before being Muslims. By implication, a large number of British Muslims are non-patriotic, disaffected, disenchanted, rebellious, socially excluded, religiously intolerant and anti-West. Consequently, the present pro-hijab British government could not stop the emergence of home grown suicide bombers who spearheaded the callous 7/7 and 21/7 suicide bomb attacks that wreaked havoc on London city in July 2005, including wanton killing of Britons overseas and sporadic attacks on British interests abroad by Muslim extremists.

Although, it may require further explanation, but in July 2005 the British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair got it right when he described the 7/7 suicide bombers as non-genuine Muslims and products of some kind of  ‘evil ideology’ that promises 80 virgins to every Muslim suicide bombers in ‘heaven’ or ‘paradise’. Ironically, despite that hijab and burka are not compulsory in Islam, yet this same ‘evil ideology’ promises ‘heaven’ for Muslim women and girls in hijab and burka to the detriment of women’s well being. This problem is more compounded, as some groups of Muslim extremists are prepared to suicide bomb Europeans into adopting Islamic dress code and faith. Indeed, whether these extremist Muslims’ ‘real agenda’ would succeed or not is left to European MEPs and politicians to decide.

Why CAPWOI Opposes Hijab And Burka

Essentially, perhaps, this is another chance for us to state clearly why CAPWOI is aggressively campaigning against the Muslim headscarves in schools and public places both in Britain and elsewhere.

  1. Hijab is not compulsory in Islam. Hijab is not one of the pillars of Islam. The Holy Quran 33:59 says to Muslim women ‘… Draw your cloaks around yourselves’ and not over your heads. According to Minister Louis Farrakhan of Nation of Islam USA, “Being a Muslim extends far beyond dress (i.e. hijab and burka). Source: Here is why a ban on hijab in Britain nay Europe would not mean a ban on Islam or decency of dressing among Muslim women.
  2. A woman’s facial appearance is her unique identity and prestige, but hijab (burka) system denies her this unique qualities. Such that most women in hijab always look vaguely in real life and in passport photographs. Consequently, compared to non-Muslim women worldwide hijab-clad Muslim women are less heard, seen and respected at home, in public and the media. Glaringly, the fact that hijab (burka) defaces women and reduce them to ‘things of no gender’ walking down our roads confirms that hijab (burka) is a product of some kind of ‘evil ideology’ that must be confronted at all fronts. Suffice it to say that only the immediate hijab (burka) ban can give back to our Muslim women and girls the natural facial identities and personalities they deserve.
  3. Compulsory hijab in schools does not give Muslim girls the choice to wear or not to wear the hijab. Hijab does not allow Muslim and non-Muslim schoolgirls to celebrate their similarities and equality, instead, it exhibits their differences and inequality. And that is why a school should be a place to learn and not to display religious affiliations.
  4. After leaving school, Muslim girls in hijab are used to finding it difficult getting into jobs, as many employers refuse to employ women in hijab. In fact, since September 11, 2001 atrocities in USA and the resent 7/7 London suicide bombings in 2005 many employers perceive women in hijab as extremists (terrorists). Employers claim women in hijab are non-confident and lazy with attitude problems. The women have a warp sense of dressing that does not conform to contemporary corporate standards. Even, those hijab-clad women in employment soon get laid off or hardly get promoted at work. Incidentally too, CAPWOI findings shows that many women in hijab with reasonable business sense hardly find sponsors for their projects.
  5. As a result of lack of employment opportunities most women in hijab are used to ending up being non-resourceful, unskilled, non-ambitious, poor, unhappy, home wreck and thus largely welfare dependent at the expense of hard working but unsuspecting taxpayers. Out of cheer idleness, many women in hijab soon become desperate housewives and ‘baby making machines’ to some Muslim men. Such that most of these financially helpless women in hijab are used to resting heavily on their pro-hijab, -burka and –polygamy men and husbands, in a desperate attempt to survive in the face of death by starvation. In fact, other studies indicate that a large number of Muslim men deliberately coerced their women into hijab and burka as to discourage them from getting into employment. By implication, most of these vulnerable women cannot abandon the hijab or else they have no homes to return. There are cases where rebellious wives in hijab get the beatings of their lives or get killed in honour killing circumstances. Their ‘crime’ could range from attempt to date or marry non-Muslims or refusing to don the hijab or burka or accepting polygamy. Here is how the hijab system encourages bullying and wife battery in a typical Muslim home.
  6. Consequently, many financially and emotionally defenceless women in hijab  (and burka) are used to being brainwashed or coerced into accepting early marriage, arranged marriage, dowry related violence, marital rape, burka and polygamy. Evidently, therefore, the scenario we are dealing with here is more about hopeless women in hijab and burka unavoidably begetting hopeless and rebellious children (i.e. suicide bombers) to the detriment of the poor Muslim women’s well being, future security of children and societal peace.
  7. Apparently, the sort of humiliation Muslim women in hijab are faced with these days is legion, Take for instance, soon after the 9/11 and 7/7 London bombings the hijab and burka soon become unmistakable symbol and a quick reminder of suicide bombers and the carnage they are known to unleash on innocent people. Such that many people now dread the presence of women in hijab and burka especially when they have bags around them. The women are hated, spat at. They are called so many degrading and unprintable names. Many women in hijab surveyed claimed that since 9/11 atrocities they are jeered at, spat at, rejected, ignored and attacked on daily bases. The random Police stop and search orders including airport racial profiling are another.  Since 7/7 London bombings, most women and girls in hijab now live in fear of retribution as faith hate crime on Muslims is up from 40% to 600% within three weeks, says the Metropolitan Police Department. In a desperate attempt to keep Muslim women safe from harm Muslim leaders prescribe the idea of male escorts to hijab-clad women when going outdoors. Also, in Metro Newspaper, UK, 4 July 2005, Dr. Zaki Badawi, head of Muslim college in London advised Muslim women and girls to stop wearing the hijab and be safe from harm and as prescribed in the Holy Quran. But some Muslim groups including the Assembly for the Protection of the Hijab in a press statement disagree with Dr. Badawi’s advice. The said press statement instructed women to keep donning the hijab no matter the risk the women might face (Source: BBC News 04.08.05). The situation has now become confusing and unbearable for many Muslims in the United Kingdom. According to a Guardian /ICM poll published on July 26, 2005, it indicates that nearly half a million Muslims contemplated leaving Britain after the 7/7 London attacks. One can then ask, “What a price hijab-clad Muslim women have to pay for habitually dressing as Arabs, thinking like Arabs and sympathising only with Arabs when they are in fact Britons and Europeans?” Here is another cogent reason why hijab and burka should be confined to the mosques where such ‘offending’ clothings would be valued by male chauvinist Muslim fundamentalists who themselves are the custodians and enforcers of hijab.
  8. Another well pronounced problem most girls and women in hijab face on daily bases is the inability of these set of females to flaunt their natural and acquired talent in sports, music, dance, fashion modelling, photography, cinema, beauty competition, tourism and general media entertainment. Whereas these said very high earning fields of endeavours generate whooping billions of pounds every year in Britain alone. Consequently, verse majority of Muslim women and girls in hijab and burka are unnecessarily missing out from benefiting from that whopping annual windfall. Which means, hijab is no food and cannot put food on the table for women and their children. This simple but factual reason explains reasons why Muslim women in hijab and burka are presently the most oppressed, disenfranchised and impoverished set of women in the United Kingdom and around the world today. Suffice it to say that a woman’s beauty opens doors to wealth and honour for her and family but the hijab and burka systems close doors to wealth for her and family and society. In fact, the impoverished and highly indebted ‘Islamic continent of Africa’ presently at the mercy of the G8 countries and organisers of the Live Aid 2005 concerts inhabits the largest concentration of oppressed women and girls in hijab and burka in forms of tens of millions of street beggars, including destitute, illiterate and malnourished population. Here is why at the turn of the 21st century hijab and burka systems have no economic value to women, instead hijab pauperises and corrupts women and girls in Islam worldwide.

Mortal Dangers of Hijab And Burka

It is on record that when compared to Muslim men, fewer numbers of Muslim women worldwide are into suicide bombings of innocent people. And the reason lies mainly in the fact that the ‘evil ideology’ that promises male suicide bombers 80 virgin-wives in ‘paradise’ (heaven) has no specific description of ‘paradise’ for potential hijab-clad suicide bomber other than the women would become one of the male suicide bombers’ many sex slaves in ‘heaven.’ But then, the mortal danger of this evil ideology remains the fact that many wanted and potential suicide bombers may choose to hide in hijab and burka as to forestall possible detection and police arrests. Such imminent threat is now more pronounced as Iran’s newspapers advertise for new suicide bomb heroes (martyrdom-seeking men and women) against Western targets, and volunteers are flocking to fill out application forms at special market stalls. (Source: Sunday Express Newspapers, UK, 31 July 2005).

And now that the Police and other security operatives in Britain and elsewhere rely heavily on video surveillances and security CCTV cameras to identify and capture these men and women of the underworld, it is only reasonable to ban hijab and burka in schools and public areas with a view to informing would be terrorists that there is no hiding places for them in Britain nay Europe, not even in hijab or burka.

Hijab At The EU:  A Political Miscalculation.

Unequivocally, the trouble remains that since as many as 70 pro-hijab MEPs at the European Parliament and scores of European politicians still supporting the hijab in schools and public institutions and for whatever reasons, more numbers of Muslim extremists would be encouraged to use violence to demand for hijab and burka in Europe and worldwide. The infamous kidnap of two French Journalists in Iraq in 2003 by some pro-hijab terrorists in demand for a reverse in the historic French hijab ban is a case in reference.

The situation is more compounded as a large number of Muslim extremists around the world today are used to violently struggling to truncate emerging democracies in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world, in a desperate attempt to install ruthless misogynistic Islamic-caliphate governments here and there. Such anti- women-Islamic government once existed in Afghanistan under the deposed 5 year Taliban regime where ‘God’ was the president, misogynist Muslim extremists were the prime ministers and women and girls were subjects needlessly coerced into hijab, burka, polygamy and honour killings, to the detriment of Afghan women and girls well being (total freedoms), future security of children and society including world peace, unity and security. The effects of which the whole world is feeling today. And this is the more reason why the ongoing global war against hijab, burka, polygamy and honour killing systems is an inescapable calling of this (both Muslim and non-Muslim) generation. And the time to confront, fight and win the war against these evil ideologies is now!


According to the Metro Newspaper, Manchester, 25 July 2005 it quotes a notable Islamic scholar, Prof. Tariq Ramadan saying; “We live in Britain. Not everything which is coming from the Arab culture is good…” In fact, most of us at CAPWOI strongly believe the cultures of hijab, burka, polygamy and honour killing are purely ‘Arabic’ and are inarguably the worst enemies of women and the peaceful coexistence between Islam (Arabs) and the feminist West. Another school of thought has it that, it is the desperate attempt by world Muslims to force the cultures of hijab, burka, polygamy and honour killing (a.k.a the Sharia Law) on the feminist Western societies and in the near future would usher in the last world wars, the ‘Armageddon.’ This fact is supported by The Mail on Sunday Newspaper July 17, 2005 that quotes a British doctor training to become a UK suicide bomber, “We lost the battle in Afghanistan…but we did not loose the war. We will take it to them again and again. There are many millions of us. Islam is my land but it is occupied, treacherously, by the so-called Christians. Spain is one of those countries we will target. We will use all our power to have that land back in our hands. That is what we are training our young people for. That is the motive we teach them. There is a bigger goal than just attacking America or Britain. The goal is to regain our land.”  Ironically, hundred of millions of women in hijab, burka and polygamy are expected to fast breed an overwhelming population of jihadists that would run over the entire West and install the Sharia Law. To be fore warned is to before armed.

Suffice it to conclude that when women are asking for the right to wear the hijab or support the hijab in Britain or elsewhere it is like Muslim women asking for the right to commit suicide. And it is the moral duty of any rational Member of Parliament and indeed government agencies to discourage any acts of suicide as to protect sanctity of human life. This is the more reason why the same British appeal court ruling in March 2, 2005 that allows the 16 year old Miss Shabina Begum to wear the hijab to school should be reversed in the British House of Lords and with immediate effect.


It is therefore essential that we all support immediate government backed hijab ban in all British schools and public institutions. Anyone who cannot accept such necessary hijab ban should leave the country now and practice their misguided pro-hijab views of Islam elsewhere. They should buy what is British and European or relocate to places like Pakistan, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia where the oppression of women in hijab and burka are still a common place.

In fact, this idea is well supported soon after the London 7/7 bombings in July 2005 as more numbers of the British public now support immediate ban on religious clothings in schools. Among about 7,000 people polled 51% say ‘Yes’ to hijab ban, 47% say ‘No’ and 2% say ‘Don’t know’ (source;

To this end, we request your Excellency to please distance yourself from further support of pro-hijab movements anywhere in Europe or elsewhere. Evidently, Muslim women and girls are better off without the hijab label. Why? Because, prosperity, freedom, happiness and probity among Muslim women including societal peace are far more important to women than religious right to don the hijab. Apparently, Pro-hijab movement are only cunningly influential with a hidden agenda. Of course, the fact that these groups successfully perverse democratic human rights principles laced with some kind of ‘evil ideology’ and were able to convince as many as 70 (out of 732) intelligent and well informed feminist European Parliamentarians into supporting continued oppression of Muslim women in hijab and burka confirms that truly, pro-hijab organisations are cunningly influential. And when given a chance they would ultimately tarnish your good reputation. Another fact that stands out is, while CAPWOI advocates for total freedom (gender equality), mass literacy, knowledge, employment, prosperity, probity and happiness for Muslim women and girls including world peace, unity and security. Pro-hijab organisations are advocating for a sustained-perpetual oppression, mass illiteracy, ignorance, unemployment, poverty, corruption, regrets and anti-Western feelings for Muslim women. Indeed, the difference is clear, while pro-hijab groups perverse the Holy Quran 33:59 and peddle falsehood worldwide, only CAPWOI and other anti-hijab MEPs / organisations mean well to world Muslim women and girls. We therefore suggest that when next pro-hijab organisations seek your support please do not hesitate to inform them that the rule of the game has changed. At the turn of the 21st century and indeed in Europe of today there is no room for Taliban like clothings such as the hijab and burka.

From the above explanations, we strongly believe that if your Excellency had known what you know now, perhaps, you may not have supported the controversial ‘pro-hijab written declaration’ at the EU in May 2005. We, therefore, once again, request your Excellency to please continue to remain role model of smart, corporate and contemporary dressing to both Muslim and non-Muslim women in Europe and worldwide.

For more information about the dangers of hijab, burka, polygamy and honour killing please visit CAPWOI website at

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Taiwo Onalaja (Chief Coordinator)