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CAPWOI Join Calls For Hood (Burka) Ban in UK Shopping Centres

Barely 11 days before the infamous 7/7/05 London bombings CAPWOI had alerted the world of imminent terror attacks on Britain. The imminent danger alert message was contained in a CAPWOI newsletter dated 25/06/05 titled; “Hood (Burka) Ban In UK Shopping Centres” and circulated among over 4,000 British MPs, Euro MEPs, UN Reps, USA Congress and world media including Muslim organisations and the British Police Departments.

09 July 2005

Dear Editor / Producer,

Hood (Burka) Ban In UK Shopping Centres

I write to voice out my opinion on the resent British government backed ‘hood ban’ in Trafford Centre, Manchester and other shopping centre around the country.

I draw my reference from Mr. C. White’s article featured in the Manchester Evening Newspaper, UK, Thursday, June 9, 2005 that constructively criticised the government backed hood ban in shopping centres that does not include a ban on Muslim burka. Mr. White asks, “Is there one law for one person and not for the other?” Of course, such hood ban in half measure is partial, dangerous and unacceptable!

The problem is, much like the hood, the burka (a.k.a purdah) covers the whole face of the wearer, except, perhaps, the eyes and hands. As a result, both the hood and the burka are garments that deliberately obscure the facial identity of the wearer, and as such make security measures, including security-camera operations at shopping malls difficult and ineffective. For this simple fact, I am 100 per cent in support of Mr. C. White’s superior argument that burka should as well be considered as a dangerous outfit in shopping centres around the UK.

In fact, since September 11, 2001 terrorists’ attacks in the USA, and as a pioneer and co-promoter of an anti-burka organisation - Campaign Against Polygamy and Women Oppression International (CAPWOI), my colleagues and I have always advocated for a ban on burka in public places and for many reasons. Take for instance, while many thieves, vandals and trouble makers are used to hiding in hoods and unleash terror on their innocent victims at shopping centres, so also many wanted and potential terrorists (i.e. suicide bombers) may choose to hide in the all-enveloping burka, hanging around shopping centres with a desperate attempt to hurt innocent British people, and on a massive scale.

This same fears was once substantially highlighted in a resent edition of Metro Newspaper, Manchester, UK, 21 April 2005, page 7 that features in vivid pictures how some Iranian women donning the burka (hijab) with red headbands on after registering themselves as potential suicide bombers in Tehran.


The real trouble now is, with many seemingly harmless looking but deadly men, women and girls in hijab and burka driving cars and loitering around our shopping centres unchallenged, and for the fact that it is not impossible for the reported Iranian registered suicide bombers in burkas to gain entry into the UK or walk free in Britain, then, the imminent suicide bomb attacks aimed at our malls is not a question of ‘if’’ but ‘when.’  Unequivocally, this strong conviction hovers around the fact that, it is evident, Britain, nay Europe is still home to many notorious, hate filled, murder happy and pro-911/‘Bali Bombings 2002’-Muslim clerics who are known to openly incite their followers in Britain and worldwide to kill the 'infidels' and 'Kaferis’ (i.e. non-Muslims) that do not believe in the Islamic cultures of hijab, burka and polygamy. 

Apparently, it is the realisation of the hoodie-related threats on shoppers, and following daily complaints from intimidated shoppers themselves that many shopping complex operators resolved to ban the ‘hoodies’ in shopping malls with a view to increasing shoppers’ confidence. Ultimately, such hood ban-security measure currently put in place in many shopping centres have already been yielding positive results. Take for instance, a Sky news report on 20 May 2005 titled “Shoppers Flock To Hoodie-Free Bluewater” in Dartford, Kent. The report says, “A spokesman for the UK biggest shopping centre, Bluewater says, ‘Soon after the hood ban, 22.6% more shoppers had visited the 330- store complex over the weekend than during the same period last year.’”

And since it is evident that the Holy Quran has not made burka compulsory on Muslim women and girls, and in fact, burka is not one of the pillars of Islam, suffice it to conclude that the burka system is a dictate of misogynist-Muslim fundamentalists. ‘The burka is another four-letter word ‘CULT!’’ And so, a ban on burkas in all UK shopping centres, as to protect innocent lives and properties against possible burka-clad-suicide bombers’ attacks would not be a ban on Islam or the decency of dressing among Muslim women and girls.

The imminent danger now is, should some mindless-burka-clad-Muslim terrorists carry out suicide bombing attacks on innocent UK shoppers, then, that would definitely be a huge disaster to the already fragile relations between Islam and Britain, nay Islam and Europe and indeed Islam and the West, and of course, the whole world may never be the same again. The September 11, 2001 terrorists’ attacks in USA are a living example.

Essentially, therefore, for the sake of effective national security it is the duty of the British government including the shopping complex operators nationwide to make public places safer by extending the ban on hoods in shopping centres to include a ban on burkas and with immediate effect. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

For more information about the imminent dangers of burka in Britain and worldwide please visit CAPWOI’s website at

 Thank you.



Taiwo Onalaja (Chief Coodinator)