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CAPWOI Thanks Euro MPs For Rejecting Hijab At The EU (25/06/05)

CAPWOI writes letters to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) thanking them individually for rejecting “Pro-Hijab Written Declaration” in May 21, 2005. “You have done the right thing at the right time to set free millions of European Muslim women and girls from the pains, terror, rejection and humiliation accentuated by the unduly prolonged cultures of hijab and burka (purdah).” So said CAPWOI Chief Coordinator.

25 June 2005

The Honourable Member of Parliament

Your Excellency Sir/Madam,

Thank You For Rejecting Muslim Hijab At The EU

We are an anti-hijab, -burka and -polygamy organisation based in Manchester, UK.

Following our last letter to you titled, ‘Euro Ban On Hijab & Purdah,’ dated 8 May 2005, requesting you and all your honourable colleagues at the European Parliament to please abstain from signing any ‘pro-hijab’ written declaration tabled before the European Union by the ‘Assembly For The Protection Of Hijab’ (between 21 February 2005 and 21 May 2005), we write to thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you and most of your MEP colleagues did abstain from signing the said document as we requested. For this noble gesture towards our campaign, our members are eternally grateful to you.

In fact, it is on record that over 90% of members of the European Parliament (MEPs) rejected the said controversial pro-hijab written declaration, perhaps, having been overwhelmingly convinced as explained in our last 7page letter to you, that, contrary to popular believe, hijab is not compulsory in Islam…Hijab denies women employment opportunities…Hijab oppresses, impoverishes and humiliates women…Hijab represents everything about female backwardness…Hijab offers no valuable benefits to female Muslims anywhere in Europe of today. And so, your magnanimous decision to have rejected the pro-hijab written declaration at the EU is well documented for posterity to judge.

We, therefore, write to commend your good self and your other honourable colleagues at the EU for doing the right thing at the right time, not only for the feminist Europe but for the imminent freedom of hundreds of millions of suffering but voiceless Muslim women and girls in Europe and worldwide, particularly, female Muslims living under the bondage of these over-a-thousand years old hijab and burka systems. We are sure that, in the near future your name and names of other anti-hijab MEPs would be written in gold, especially when the story is told about how European Muslim women and girls would have ultimately gained their total freedom from these obnoxious-anti-women’s well being cultures called hijab and burka systems.

Essentially, therefore, much like Oliver Twist, please permit us to ask for more lasting favour. We request you to please continue to support the hijab ban in France and elsewhere in Europe and worldwide. Also, we request you to please continue to be a role model of smart, corporate and contemporary dressing to both Muslim and non-Muslim women and girls in Europe and worldwide.

At the moment, and for obvious reasons, we are campaigning for a ban on burka (purdah) in all shopping centres in Britain and beyond. The reasons we offered as to support our claims are contained in the next enclosed CAPWOI media-news letter (dated 25 June 2005) as below.

Once again, thank you very much and God bless.


Taiwo Onalaja (Chief Coordinator)