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Suicide Bomber Boasts: I’II Get 80 Virgins In Paradise

The London 27 July 2005 failed suicide bomber had boasted to his friends and spoke of looking forward to 80 virgin-wives waiting for him in paradise.

He Said He’d Get 80 Virgins In Paradise

To his neighbours he was a tough tackler on the football pitch and a devout Muslim loner off it. Today, they are coming to terms with the idea that Muktar Said Ibrahim was a terrorist intent on bombing.

The police searched a suspected bomb factory used by Ibrahim, fresh details about his life in Britain emerged – and his family told of their torment.

The 27-year-old thrust the Koran and Islamic pamphlets on his neighbours and spoke of looking forward to 80 virgins waiting for him in paradise.

He was also said to regularly attend the controversial Finsbury Park mosque – but was described as ‘an easy-going, friendly guy’ by friend Sarah Scott. Ms Scott, 23, has known Ibrahim since she was 11 as their families lived in the same street in Stanmore, North London.

She last saw him a fortnight ago and said he often talked about religion. Last November, he gave her a pamphlet called Understanding Islam, with passages highlighted. They included: ‘Anyone who says there is no God worthy of worship except Allah and dies holding that belief will enter paradise.’

Ms Scott added: ‘He asked me if I was religious. I said I did not believe in anything but he said I should. He told me he was going to get 80 virgins when he got to heaven if he praised Allah.’ Ibrahim occasionally mentioned holy war, but never talked about suicide, according to Ms Scott.

Ibrahim was named by police this week as the man who tried to carry out a suicide bombing on the No. 26 bus in Shoreditch last Thursday. Ibrahim’s parents, Mohammed and Esha, live nearby in Harrow. Yesterday released a statement revealing they contacted the police immediately after seeing his picture released.

They said: ‘We are a peaceful family having lived in this country since 1990. We were shocked when we saw Muktar’s picture on the news and immediately made a statement to the police.’

(Source: Metro Newspaper, Manchester, July 27, 2005)