We are convinced that a book can change the world faster than any government-initiated policy. For this simple fact CAPWOI is prepared to circulate at large copies its campaign books across the world and in many world’s major language versions.

Donation Of Free Copies Of Campaign Books:

Also, CAPWOI is prepared to mass print its campaign books (i.e. ‘Polygamists Wives’) and circulate tens of thousands and where possible millions of free copies in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe and America. Targeted establishments include:

  • Marriage Register Offices, Schools’ and Public Libraries
  • Youth organisations, Churches, Mosques and other temples
  • Hotel lobbies, Women Rights Groups
  • Media Houses, Government Agencies
  • All nations’ presidents/leaders, All UN’s Perm. Representatives, etc.

Protest Letters Shall Be Written Periodically To:

  • United Nations Systems Worldwide, World Christian Summit
  • Org. Of Islamic Conference Summit, Earth Summit
  • European Union Summit, G8 Summit
  • African Union Summit, Pan-Asian Youth Leadership Summit
  • Asia- Europe Summit, South American Union Summit
  • European-Atlantic Grp. Summit, European-American Union Summit
  • Arab Magreb Union Summit, Middle East Summit
  • Ec. West Afr. Comm. (ECOWAS), Org. World Women Conference
  • Paris Club of Creditors, Non-Paris Club of Creditors
  • London Club of Creditors, World Bank
  • Intr. Monetary Fund (IMF), European Court of Human Rights
  • Intr. Court of Justice, etc.

Peaceful Protest Marches aimed at:

Houses Of Parliaments around the world i.e. British Parliament, European parliament, USA White House, etc. including the United Nations General Assembly.

Media Activities

Also, CAPWOI organises periodic media interviews, press releases, seminars and conferences in strategic locations around the world.

“We would gladly  welcome new ideas that can further help in reaching out to those people that need CAPWOI’s help and those people and establishments that can help CAPWOI to succeed in its chosen aims and objectives.”

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